Is it POSSIBLE to get relief?

Is it POSSIBLE to get relief?

How long have YOU been suffering from joint pain?  

Is it increasingly hard to climb stairs, walk through the grocery store or do the sports or activities you love?

Have you received cortisone injections?

Have you been told you need a knee replacement?


Cortisone injections can DAMAGE your joint over time.

Arthritis only gets WORSE over time.

Knee replacement surgery is FOREVER and comes with significant risks including blood clots and infection, and NO GUARANTEE that you will be out of pain.

Osteoarthritis is a progressive joint problem that leads to breakdown and loss of cartilage, formation of bone spurs and degenerative tearing of meniscus. These changes cause pain, stiffness and loss of joint function. There has been no way to reverse the degenerative changes of osteoarthritis – until now!

TODAY it IS possible to REGENERATE tissues in your joint so you can RENEW your joints to have less pain.

At True Health PLLC we offer a proven regenerative treatment for painful joints with Wharton's Jelly, the GOLD STANDARD for relief of CHRONIC JOINT PAIN.

Learn more about this treatment under "What is 'Stem Cell' joint pain treatment.  

Stem cells are the FUTURE OF MEDICINE that is here for YOU TODAY. No drugs, no surgery, no downtime, just the opportunity to REGENERATE joint cartilage and tissues and RENEW the joint surface to relieve PAIN.

Stem cells naturally amplify the body's own healing and pain relief mechanisms to get you OUT of CHRONIC JOINT PAIN.

Don't wait to REGAIN your mobility and RENEW your painful joints.

Call us today to arrange a consultation, and find out what your options are to GET OUT OF CHRONIC PAIN and get back to living your best life!

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