What is "Stem Cell" joint pain treatment?

What is "Stem Cell" joint pain treatment?

You may have heard about "stem cell" treatment. You may have heard amazing stories about both elite athletes and regular folks who have gained relief from their joint pain with "stem cell" treatment.

These experiences are real, in fact roughly 85% of patients experience either partial or total relief from joint pain with "stem cell" joint injection treatments.

"Stem cells" have the ability to develop into all the other types of cells in the body. Anytime we heal from an injury, your own stem cells, along with many types of growth factors in the blood, create the new tissue, bone or cartilage needed to regenerate tissue.

However, as we age this ability to heal declines as our own stem cells grow less potent.

So what can we do?

At True Health PLLC we offer joint pain injections containing a natural product called Wharton's Jelly. Derived from donated umbilical cords and minimally processed in an FDA-compliant lab, this product stimulates and amplifies your body's ability to gather it's own resources to correct a structural defect such as loss of cartilage. Loss of cartilage results in "bone on bone" joint pain.

Wharton's jelly provides the extracellular matrix needed for the infiltration, attachment and proliferation of cells required for the repair of damaged tissue. It helps your own body repair damaged tissue such as the cartilage covering bone joints. The typical result is joints that work better and have LESS PAIN.