Will this treatment work for ME?

Will this treatment work for ME?

Do you have arthritis?
Then the answer is probably YES!

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive degenerative condition without a known cure. In young healthy joints, there is a thick layer of cartilage over the bones that allow for cushioning and smooth motion. Over time, the thickness of cartilage that cushions joints continually decreases, leading to "bone on bone" pain.

Typical treatment options for OA do nothing to restore cartilage or correct the problem. The goal of regenerative therapy for arthritis is to reduce pain and improve function by helping your body regenerate lost cartilage. This can lead to having joint pain reduced or even eliminated.

Our injections place the Wharton's Jelly extracellular matrix directly inside the joint where it can go to work amplifying the body's own repair mechanisms. Relief can last for years and in some cases pain relief and improved function can be permanent.

Joint pain relief therapy is fast, safe, and effective. It can help reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue such as muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. This translates into RELIEF of joint pain.

Regenerative treatment is the FUTURE OF MEDICINE that is here for YOU TODAY. No drugs, no surgery, no downtime, just the opportunity to REGENERATE joint cartilage and tissues and RENEW the joint surface to relieve PAIN.

Regenerative treatments can often improve healing, restore function and reduce pain, but you won't typically find them at your family doctor's office.

Don't settle for conventional treatment with pain medication when it comes to knee, shoulder, low back, and other joint or muscle pain.

Don't wait to REGAIN your mobility and RENEW your painful joints.

Call us today to arrange a consultation, and find out what your options are to GET OUT OF CHRONIC PAIN and get back to living your best life!